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Break Your Pull-Up MAX!
The Workout Used by US Marines to
MASTER the Pull-Up Bar
Bootcamp was tough!
Marine boot camp is hard enough as it is for most people.

But when my drill instructors found out I was an American
Ninja Warrior...

They started having me do insane workouts like 1-arm Pull-Ups and 1-arm Push-Ups!

I had to push my limits just to keep up!
They made my life HELL
I mean sure, Marine boot camp is hard enough as it is for most people.

But when my drill instructors caught wind that I'd been on American
Ninja Warrior...

Instead of just the normal exercises, they forced me to do the craziest stuff they could think of... things like doing 30 one-armed pull-ups (in full gear).

I had to train HARD on the side just to keep up.

I had ZERO time to work out in between training and drills...


I found an interesting way to train in less than HALF the normal time and more than DOUBLE my strength levels.


This style of training worked really well for Pull-Up Strength.


This is the style of training that I used to break a world record, do well in USMC Bootcamp and make it to the American Ninja Warrior Finals.

Traditionally when people go to train for a specific purpose, they train the MAIN muscle groups in the movement.

For Pull-Ups that would be the Biceps and Lats...

There is a problem with this...
When you train your PRIMARY muscle groups aka the BICEPS and LATS only, you have only scratched the surface in the muscles that need to be trained.

There are around 64 muscles that are activated when doing a Pull-Up...

If you just train 2 of them you are going to FAIL

You have to focus on training the smaller "harder to reach" muscles (like your "Brachioradialis" for example) that SUPPORT and STABILIZE your primary muscles

That's how you gain insane strength and that is exactly what DYNAMIC STACKING does for you

What is dynamic stacking?
It's a combination of traditional workouts, weight training, calisthenics, and rock climbing techniques. 

It's a process of fatiguing your PRIMARY muscles first so we can target those "hard to reach" areas.

When I began to teach dynamic stacking to my marines and other clients..

the outcome was awesome!!
"When I met Michael Eckert I couldn't do one pull-up to save my life. After doing his training I went from not being able to do any to pushing out 10. Then two months later I was knocking out 20 pull-ups no problem. Thank you, bro."
– Rayvann Logan
"When I met Michael I could not perform a single pull-up. In 2 months I went from 0 to 10, which is a lot in itself. With his guidance I went on to perform 22 pull-ups and even won second place in a pull-up competition."
– Jessica Jenkins
"I’ve been working out for years and always struggled with pull-ups. When I started Pull-Up Bootcamp I could only do 2 pull-ups. Within seven weeks I was able to complete 10 solid and controlled pull-ups. My whole upper body felt stronger! My doctor even thought I had a protruding rib because my lats were bigger."
– Ben P.
Seeing how these results were so dramatic... I designed something ANYONE can use!

Pull-Up Bootcamp is a step-by-step guide to insane grip strength 
and DOUBLING or even TRIPLING your Pull-Up Max!

here's what comes with enrolling!
5 - 7 Weeks of Dynamic Stacking Workouts  
A system that scales to your current level of fitness, even if you currently can't do a Pull-Up!

Detailed Video Walkthroughs
Zero confusion because you can literally see every workout.

How to Do a Proper Pull Up 
Learn the fundamentals first so you never plateau and your form is on point!

(BONUS) How to Get Your First Pull Up
An additional step-by-step guide to go from 0-1 pull-ups in the shortest time possible.

(BONUS) Leg/Lower Body Routine
Obviously if you just did upper body workouts you would have imbalances. This leg routine will keep you well rounded!
What's the price?
My personal clients pay me 700$ a month.
That's because they continue to get amazing results like...
Getting one girl from zero pull-ups to 22 in just a few months.

amping another guy's max from 10 to 25 pull-ups

Or even adding a few pull-ups to some marines max in just one afternoon!

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: How does Pull-Up Bootcamp work?

A: P.U.B.C. uses the system of Dynamic Stacking to gradually build your Pull-Up strength.

It focuses on building a strong foundation first, attacking grip strength and stabilization so you body becomes functionally fit.

What's more?

No matter if you're old, young, man, woman, an athlete, Marine or just an average person who wants to gain insane strength... This is for you!
Q: What's the time commitment for Pull-Up Bootcamp?

A: The principle aspect of Dynamic Stacking is to create the most EFFICIENT method of training possible so time is shortened while your strength improves dramatically.

Each day takes approximately 45 minutes to complete but it varies from person to person.
Q: Will it work even if I'm a beginner or can't do a single pull-up?

A: Yes...

Take Jessica Jenkins for example... (one of the testimonials)
"When I met Michael I could not perform a single pull-up. In 2 months I went
from 0 to 10, which is a lot in itself. With his guidance I went on to perform 22
pull-ups and even won second place in a pull-up competition."
- Jessica Jenkins
P.U.B.C. Scales to your CURRENT level of fitness

Plus, I've included a detailed video walkthroughs of every single workout...

So you'll know exactly how to do each exercise to get the maximum results.
Q: What if I'm already doing CrossFit or other workouts?Can I combine Pull-Up
Bootcamp with what I'm doing currently? 

A: ABSOLUTELY! In fact... I strongly recommend it.

There are two reasons for this...

First, Grip Strength is one of the most fundamental building blocks in fitness and P.U.B.C. has helped people PR on deadlift and barbell workouts without even doing those exercises.

Second, using my Dynamic Staking method will let you get MORE out of your other workouts than you are currently.

That's because it builds up true functional strength by hitting ALL the muscles in your body... and not just the big, core ones like your biceps.

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